Self Review of Learner Wellbeing and Safety Systems

We have completed a self-review against the NZQA Code of Practice.

Industry Training Works (ITW) recognises the Treaty of Waitangi/Te Tiriti O Waitangi as New Zealand’s founding document and seeks to apply the principles of the Treaty in our day-to-day activities.

ITW honours Te Tiriti O Waitangi and protects all things that are taonga to Māori, including te reo Māori me Ngā tikanga- ā -iwi.

Below are Industry Training Works initiatives within the code of practice strategic plan:

Welfare & Guidance Code of Practice
Welfare & Guidance Code of Practice

Welfare and Guidance

Students are able to approach the Trainer regarding support, guidance and cultural sensitivities.

Some training programmes will require a degree of physical fitness and can place the student under stress.

Students must advise the Trainer prior to the course of any medical of physical disabilities or conditions.

All aspects of the Privacy Act and the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 and the Education Act 2020 will be complied with in respect to student privacy and welfare.

Code of Practice Pacific Education
Code of Practice Pacific Education

Industry Training Works Policy and Action Plan for Pacific Education

Industry Training Works Ltd vision for Pacific learners is for all learners and their families to feel safe, valued and equipped to achieve their training aspirations.

Key focus areas:

  • We will work reciprocally with diverse Pacific learners to respond to any unmet needs, and any needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • We will confront any systemic racism and discrimination.
  • Ensure that our trainers and staff take action to become culturally competent with diverse Pacific learners.
  • Grow, retain and value highly competent trainers with diverse Pacific whakapapa.
  • Learners at the centre:

Overarching objectives for Industry Training Works Ltd’s training system:

  • Have barrier-free access to training and education in the health and safety sector and ensure outcomes are within reach for every learner.
  • Provide quality teaching and leadership to make the difference for learners, their employers and their whanau.
  • Put learners at the centre of the learning.
  • Provide training that is relevant to their lives today and throughout their lives through collaboration with whanau, employers, industry and communities.
  • Incorporating te reo Māori and tikanga Māori into everyday activities

Learners at the centre:

ITW ensures places of learning are safe, inclusive and free from racism, discrimination and bullying.

Barrier-free access:

ITW ensures education for all including Māori/Pacific learners/ākonga, disabled learners/ākonga and those with learning support needs do not have barriers to their successful learning and training outcomes. Every learner is given sound foundations skills, including language, literacy and numeracy to achieve their desired outcomes.

Quality teaching and leadership

ITW develops staff to strengthen teaching, leadership and leader support capability across the health and safety training sector.

Collaboration with industry

ITW collaborates with industries and employers to ensure learners/ākonga have the skills, knowledge and pathways to succeed in work

Code of Practice Special Educational Needs

Industry Training Works Policy for people with special educational needs

Industry Training Works Ltd abides by the Education and Training Act 2020 Section 34.

Industry Training Works Ltd policy believes in the inclusiveness of all students with special needs. People who have special educational needs, whether because of disability or otherwise, have the same rights to enrol and receive education and training at ITW as people who do not.

ITW is inclusive of and caters for students with differing needs. We take all reasonable steps to act in a manner that is consistent with the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.

ITW provides support to ensure disabled students succeed in their training and assessment.

Disability Action Plan

ITW recognises and values disabled learners by:

  1. Staff at all levels take responsibility for providing learning support for disabled learners
  2. Senior leadership ensures that barriers are removed in the environment
  3. Ensuring our building is ‘disability confident’ to make teaching and learning easy
  4. Support of the disabled learner is the responsibility of all staff
  5. Planning of training and assessment to enable learners with different impairments to succeed.
  6. Review and analyse the outcomes and satisfaction of disabled learners in an ongoing review cycle.
  7. Planning ahead to consider the learning support needs of future disabled learners with different impairments.
Code of Practice Complaints Process
Code of Practice Complaints Process

Complaints Process

If a student (or person who is supporting them) or company has a complaint in regard to the training this shall be made directly to Industry Training Works. All complaints will be investigated and responded to immediately and all appropriate actions will be taken.

There are two ways to make a complaint:

  • Call our Customer Care Team on 0800 489 5669
  • Email us directly at itw@itw.org.nz

If required the student may contact NZQA directly on 0800 QA HELP.

Code of Practice Review
Code of Practice Review


ITW will continuously review Learner Wellbeing and Safety Systems to ensure learner’s have a voice, are listened to through regular oversight of industry and learners requirements and recognising feedback gained either verbally or through our course feedback mechanisms, which include dedicated trainer days as a forum to raise learnings from courses, to taking good cognisance of student course evaluations and surveys of industry using the survey monkey tool to clients.

We then include those learnings and embed them into our delivery and approach to students. ITW has a robust regime of safety and wellbeing utilising scheduled testing and compliance of equipment and use, supported by empathetic and observant trainers who are constantly monitoring their students during the delivery of courses.

Code of Practice Review Incidents & Accidents
Code of Practice Review Incidents & Accidents

Incidents & Accidents

ITW takes all incidents and accidents seriously and will undertake immediate investigative action and reporting.

If necessary, we will review our procedures and institute any necessary changes to ensure the safety of all our learners and staff.